Things to Bring

We’ll be running some activities and competitions over the course of the weekend that you may like to participate in.

The Great Mathematical Bake-Off

Bring a mathematically themed baked goodie, to be judged on Saturday evening. A menger sponge, a Jam pi? Your imagination is the only limit!

Competition Competition

The “competition competition.” Your opportunity to design a competition/puzzle for the other attendees to enter over the course of the weekend. The competition with the most entries wins. You will need to bring the entry form / handouts for your competition, and a box to collect entries.

Sunday Tables

Sunday Tables is an opportunity to share a mathematical thing you like, whether that be playing a game of set, to teaching someone how to crochet a hyperbolic plane, staging a dialogue from Gödel, Escher, Bach. You may also want to share maths crafts, games, puzzles or models.

Other Equipment

When we do maths, sometimes we need props. Here’s a suggested list of things that may come in handy over the course of the weekend: